Oral Steroids


99.00 USD

Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma, Europe
Substance: Oxymetholone
Pack: 100 tabs (50 mg/tab)

Oxymetholon Reviews
Jul 20, 2022 (08:44)

Still loving this product. Dragon doesn’t disappoint

Mar 26, 2022 (05:59)

Great product . Agresives pumps. Make sure take on empty stomach. Them 15 20 min eat. Fast delivery by xroids. Always

Jan 20, 2022 (13:26)

I don’t know about that last persons comment, but I had awesome results with this product. And I’m usually very satisfied with dragon product.

Mar 9, 2018 (20:42)

I have done several different brands of oxymethelone, but dragon's brand was completely worthless. It was either fake or extremely underdosed. Xroids made it right by sending me oxymethelone from Kalpa, which was a very good quality product. I do not recommend Dragon. Do not buy from them. Kalpa is legit. Dragon is no longer trustworthy.

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