Anadroxyl (Oxymetholone) - Oxymetholone - Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Oral Steroids

Anadroxyl (Oxymetholone)

47.00 USD

Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Substance: Oxymetholone
Pack: 50 tablets (50mg/tab)

Anadroxyl (Oxymetholone) Reviews

Jan 20, 2022 (13:17)

Awesome product. I didn’t really have many side affects other than a little loss of appetite. But that went away after about a week. I was very satisfied with this product.

Oct 18, 2021 (14:30)

Good product. Unfortunately I suffered the side affect of loss of apatite and could barely eat anything. Worked better for me when taking during a less duration in my cycle

Oct 6, 2021 (09:29)

It is a very good idea remember that truth is NOT from scale (how many punds), but from mirror. Exceed too much with body weight, get false satisfaction, because it exposes you to the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other problems and add fat to your body. Correct using of AAS, combined with a great diet such as "Zona diet", will result in a great growing with body proportions preserved. I feel it simply fantastic! Thank to Mr. X and to his Staff.

Sep 25, 2021 (10:32)

About the risk of high blood pressure, it is a good idea adding aerobic exercise (i.e. tapis roullant) three times a week. Doing so, I maintain my blood pressure at lower level, with poor water retention, while high pumping and muscle growing result in great evidence. Anyway, do not exceed 4-5 week of administration, giving intelligent pauses. Pumping liquids in muscles results in a temporary appearance, but it is an important anabolic signal. Connective tissues around muscle wear out slowly, leaving more and more space to muscle growing.

Sep 14, 2021 (07:35)

Best product! After first week I notice a very powered look. In the cycle, many people use it as kick starter and mantein growing stacking with T and Deca. I feel very enthusiast and very curious to see further results! Thanks of course to X Staff and Kelpa! MM

Jun 26, 2021 (11:28)

Great Product, awesome pumps, strength went through the roof. Kalpa products are definitely easy to verify, definitely legit! Gains were noticed after first week, Always a pleasure working with Team X! Thanks again team X! Brian

Apr 13, 2021 (06:20)

Nice product with solid gains. Good alternative to test for those not wanting to inject. Kalpa always easy to authenticate!

Apr 6, 2014 (23:07)

I have tried this product many times. It is very good. If you eat and trean right . I took 100 mls . A day. I gained 15 lbs.. in 5 weeks. But im a avid user. First timer you might have better results. All kalpa products are good .

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