Dianoxyl 50 (Methandienone) for sale
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Dianoxyl 50 (Methandienone)

38.00 USD

Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Substance: Methandrostenolone
Pack: 20 tablets (50mg/tab)

Dianoxyl 50 (Methandienone) Detailed

What is Dianoxyl 50?

Dianoxyl 50, also known as Dianabol or Dbol, is a strong anabolic steroid very popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to its fantastic visible results. It was introduced on the market during the early 1960s and very quickly became one of the most important anabolic steroids available without a prescription in many countries of the world. Dianoxyl 50 is mostly used as an oral anabolic androgenic steroid ideal for gaining muscle mass and strength due to the fact that it is easy to use and extremely effective. Bodybuilders and athletes use this drug at the start of the steroid cycle as it helps them increase repetitions during intense workouts and decreases workout weakness to a significant extent. Also, it maintains muscle mass and body strength gains, promotes calcium deposits in the bones, increases bone strength, and improves endurance capacity.
Dianoxyl 50 is a strong steroid that brings visible side effects. For beginners, this steroid can be quite estrogenic, it retains the water in the body, causes gynecomastia and can build fat. However, athletes can keep the estrogen under control with additional anti-estrogens like Proviroxyl, Nolvaxyl or Arimidex. Because of strong virilization symptoms, Dianoxyl 50 is prohibited for women, rarely women use very low doses like 5mg.
Often, many professional bodybuilders compare Dianoxyl 50 to Testosterone and Anadroxyl in the same effectiveness like excellent cutting and building lean muscle tissue. Still, in case an athlete overdoses with Dianoxyl 50, which can be hepatotoxic, should immediately report to the doctor.

Dianoxyl 50 Side Effects

Dianoxyl 50 (Methandrostenolone) is a potent anabolic steroid and should not be overdosed in hopes of quick benefits, as well as prolonged use. This steroid causes side effects like: oily skin, gyno, bloating, aggression, baldness, conversion to estradiol (suppression of natural testosterone production), and liver problems. Athletes use aromatase inhibitor like Arimixyl or Letroxyl to stop the process of conversion to estrogen and liver concern. This would mean, as well as we strongly recommend, a cycle of no more than 8 weeks in order to avoid noticeable side effects.

Dianoxyl 50 Dosage

Dianoxyl 50 is recommended to take 4-5 pills (20 to 25mg) per day good enough for visible muscle mass and strength. This steroid is preferred as a kick start bulking steroid cycle during the first 6-8 weeks. Some athletes practice higher dosages, but usually this may lead to accentuated incidence of side effects. Also, many bodybuilders use Dianoxyl 50 along with the mild anabolic Nandroxyl 250, Testosterone or Trenbolone to obtain exceptional muscle and strength gains, size and confidence. It is preferable to take the pills earlier in the day (before workout) for optimal results. In the PCT (post-cycle therapy) Dianoxyl 50 should be followed by Nolvaxyl, Clomixyl or Toremifene. Any type of Methandrostenolone (pills, capsules, or injection) should be administered properly for visible nice results and less side effects.

Dianoxyl 50 (Methandienone) Reviews
Feb 23, 2023 (10:57)

Kapla is the way to go! Me and my buddy were really surprised how fast they answered our questions.
It was shipped quick and concealed. And was so dang easy to order.
I loved this stuff! definitely recommend!!

Feb 21, 2023 (18:46)

Probably the strongest dbol I’ve ever found. Communication was great, shipped in less than a week. I highly recommend!!! Ordering was so easy and convenient!

Jan 17, 2023 (09:21)

This is great for putting on size and strength especially when it’s 50mgs. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and more!!!!!! I highly recommend this with some test enthanate 250mgs and an anabolic like deca equipoise or tren and you will definitely get amazing results!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Xroids!!!!!!!!

Feb 6, 2022 (11:47)

I c.Confirm that this product is very much efficient. Dosage beetween 50 and 80 mg/day have to be considered. The emivita of methndrostenolon (Dianabol) is 3-5 hours, so the daily dosage has to be divided in 2-3 parts, during the day. Remeber that Dianabol doesn't aromatize, but some its methabolites do it. So, for precaution, supplement with a SERM (Nolvadex); another precaution has to be considered to avoid the liver toxicity. Supplement with Silimarin or similar (Legalon, TUDCA).

Jan 20, 2022 (13:19)

After trying the 10s I was excited to bump up to these. Still very satisfied. Great product!

Apr 14, 2021 (18:41)

Puts on size and strength with minimal dose . Stack with test and see some amazing results

Jul 17, 2015 (09:25)

The pills are round so I cut them in half.
Definitely some strong d-bol for sure. Feel good on them too.
50-75mgs./daily for me.
GTG on these.

Jul 17, 2015 (09:25)

Good dianabol put 14 pounds on in about 4 weeks 50mg per day but I only kept 6. Strong pumps, vascularity and fullness. High quality dianabol compared to others.

Jul 17, 2015 (09:24)

Just popped the last one I had.. used it as a kicker for my test e tren e cycle and noticed the first couple of days all the sides, water bloat, strength increase itchy nips and heartburn.. def legit stuff and ill be using again next cycle

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