Sustanon 350 for sale Sustanon 350 for sale
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Sustanon 350

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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma, Europe
Substance: Testosterone Blend
Pack: 10ml vial (350 mg/ml)

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Sustanon 350 Detailed

What is Sustanon 350?
Sustanon 350 in an oil-based injectable steroid blend composed of four esterified testosterone: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Decanoate. All these testosterones are mixed together in a certain proportion to form 250 mg of mixed testosterone esters. If an athlete uses Sustanon 350 ‘intelligently’ than the benefits would be long lasting.
How does it assimilates in the body? Sustanon 350 provides a quick yet extended release of testosterone remaining active in the body for about two to three weeks. The Propionate and Phenylpropionate esters from this steroid are quickly absorbed and released into circulation (the first four days), the other esters – that are known to be much slower – will remain active into the body for several weeks. That’s why many athletes like this drug due to its direct benefits on the body that stays active for two to three weeks.
Sustanon 350 is very popular on the market due to its strong anabolic with accentuated androgenic activity that quickly shows noticeable muscle mass gains and strength. Sustanon 350 is very well tolerated in the body, retains less water, and helps build rapid muscle mass and body weight. Even the most advanced athletes like this steroid for its small doses, yet obvious positive results. We would recommend low dosages of Nolvaxyl or Proviroxyl for those athletes that need to use an anti-estrogen during the cycle or at the end of it.

Sustanon 350 Side Effects
Sustanon 350 is a strong aromatizing steroid and the side effects will be almost identical to other testosterone esters. Because of the estrogenic nature, due to the aromatase effect, it converts testosterone in estrogen and can develop gynecomastia, excess of water retention and high blood pressure. Some aromatase inhibitors used with testosterone compounds like: Arimixyl or Letroxyl would be better than best choice while administrating Sustanon 350. Other frequent side effects of this drug are oily skin, acne, changes in libido, body/facial hair growth and premature balding, sexual overstimulation, reduced sperm production and others.

Sustanon 350 Dosage
As we know Sustanon 350 stays active in the body for about two to three weeks and will be administered at least every 10 days. More advanced athletes will opt for two injections per week but this is not so recommended. However, and effective dose will start up with a 300 mg (one ampule) every 10 days increased by 1000 mg (four ampules) weekly. Because Sustanon 350 is not a cheap drug on the market, it stacks very well with orals like Oxymetholon / Dianabol or Winstrol in order for an athlete to seek a more define physique, more building muscle mass and strength.

Sustanon 350 Reviews
Mar 31, 2022 (19:16)

Very good product. Gaining solid muscle fast. I also stack with dbol. Thanks to xroids for fast delivery

Jan 21, 2022 (10:53)

Great product. Used as the base for cycle. Don’t forget the aromatase inhibitors…

Jan 17, 2022 (14:46)

Ordered this with a buddy and ran it with dbol. Great product, good results. I highly recommend it.

Oct 14, 2021 (06:28)

Love this product. Doesn't put on much water weight

May 31, 2021 (16:07)

Great product fast gains.

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