Cytomel-T3 50 mg for sale
Weight Loss

Cytomel-T3 50 mg

88.00 USD

Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Liothyronine Sodium
Pack: 50 tabs (50 mcg/tab)

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Cytomel-T3 50 mg Reviews
Feb 23, 2023 (19:43)

Order was easy to make, came so fast, and was packaged so so discreet. I always have a few questions and teamX is quick and patient to answer.
This product was amazing and I highly recommend it!!!

Jul 20, 2022 (16:35)

Combined with clen and loved the result

Apr 1, 2022 (21:01)

Great to burn fat and control your body temperature. This is a great product. Combine with clenbuterol for better results

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