With such a high androgenic/anabolic index fluoxymesterone (a testosterone derivative) looks like a compound that could produce gains above and beyond even testosterone. The reality however is that fluoxymesterone, while having useful applications for athletes, is not a powerful mass building drug. Fluoxymesterone's main uses are for increasing aggression (fighters, powerlifters, strongmen, or bodybuilders looking for a little more drive before a workout) and for hardening up an already lean, pre-contest physique. Fluoxymesterone is sometimes used to treat breast cancer as it demonstrates an ability to prohibit the production of estrogen thereby slowing or eliminating the cancer's growth. It is this characteristic that makes fluoxymesterone a popular pre-contest item as estrogen related side effects like water retention and gynecomastia normally will not occur. Fluoxymesterone has a reputation for building learn, hard looking muscle as well as increasing strength and aggression. Fluoxymesterone also has a reputation for being liver toxic as it is a 7alpha-methylated compound. Like other powerful orals, the length of Fluoxymesterone cycle and the dosages used are directly related to the extent of damage possibly inflicted on liver function as well as the amount of HPTA suppression experienced asa direct result from using this compound.

Typical dosages vary according to the desired result from fluoxymesterone. Bodybuilders looking toharden their physique and perhaps add a little aggression to a diet restricted workout report using from 10 mgs prior to the workout up to 20 mgs split in a morning and pre-workout dose. Powerlifters and other strength athletes indicate doses of 40 mgs/day and more. Prudent use would suggest that doseages are kept to a maximum of 40 mg/day for no more than six weeks. Women generally do not use fluoxymesterone since it exhibits such strong androgen qualitites.

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