How to Buy BitCoins with CashApp

Cashapp and BitCoin

CashApp can be found in your App Store. It will function in a couple differerent ways.

  • It will work similar in the way that PayPal does to allow you to send money to friends and family from one Cash app user to another.
  • Once enabled it will act as a bitcoin wallet and broker. (What we want!)
  • It even lets you buy and sell stocks.

Once you have the app downloaded and you have created your personal account you need to add either your bank account or debit card to fund your CashApp account.

Next you need to enable BitCoin deposits and withdrawals. You should have this option on the CashApp homescreen. Select BitCoin.

CashApp will then ask you personal questions and ask you to scan your ID and scan your face for ID verification.

ID verification in this manner is a requirement on all BitCoin platforms that I can think of.

ID verification can take up to 48 hours to be completed by CashApp.

I suggest you do not do anything (make an order) that requires you to send bitcoin until this process is completed. You should see "Verification Pending" if it is not yet completed.

Before you purchase BitCoins you need to Add the cash to your CashApp account. Click the "Add Cash" button and add say 10-20 dollars more (depending on your planned transaction size) than you plan to need to cover fees.

Once the Cash shows as being in your CashApp account it is time to go to the BitCoin tab.
On this tab you should see the bitcoin market price, Buy, Sell and a little Airplane.

Click buy and buy a little more (I usually do 10 dollars but again it depends on transaction size) than you plan to need. Keep in mind that the BitCoin market is constantly changing so if you leave BitCoin in your wallet with plans to use it tomorrow or next week the amount could be more or less depending on the market. For that reason I suggest waiting till you're ready to send before you buy bitcoin.

Next click the little airplane in the BitCoin tab. You will enter the amount to send. In this box type the "exact" amount you want sent. (If it is displaying the amount in btc instead of $ then Tap the amount and it should cycle between btc and $).

Next you're going to paste the bitcoin address of who you're sending it too. Once you paste it you must click the address in the drop down (you will see external address).

This step is VERY important! It will ask you what fee/speed you want to send it as. ALWAYS use "Priority".

If you don't use Priority the transaction CAN get stuck in the bitcoin system and not be delivered. I've seen this happen to multiple people lately. So make sure you use priority.

You're done. Expect it to take up to several minutes to be delivered. Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain it will alert you that it has been confirmed. The time this takes will very based on how busy the blockchain bitcoin network is.

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