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This article has been written to list the main points to consider for the guys who want to begin using Human Growth Hormone. This is not a scientific article and I am not an expert in endocrinology, so I won't blow up your mind with smart-looking phrases and medical terminology, I won't speak about Human Growth Hormone and society, human growth hormone and diabetes, chromosomes, polypeptides bla bla bla, you can find all these in any medical encyclopedia. I've just put together the answers to the most important questions which can appear while beginning usage of human growth hormone. Somebody will consider this article stupid but I hope there will be some people who will find it useful.

So lets begin.
I suppose you will firstly ask "What is human growth hormone aka Somatotropin, aka HGH ?"
HGH is a hormone secreted by your pituitary gland (such a small thing located in your brain:)) which is responsible for growth, cell reproduction and regeneration; well this deffinition is more related to the natural human growth hormone, not the HGH you can buy online.The Human Growth Hormone we are going to speak about is called Somatropin (don't confuse with Somatotropin – the natural one) and has been synthesized by some smart guys in white robes using advanced technologies, they call it "recombinant DNA technology", so finally they obtained some white powder what works similar with your natural human growth hormone produced by the body.

Do I need using Human Growth Hormone?

Why do i need it?
Well, I thought you are the one who decides... Don't treat me wrongly, I am not trying to promote hgh usage, i want you to understand the stuff.If you are a healthy person and don't have any low human growth hormone related disease and your pituitary gland is healthy too then you simply don't need injecting HGH. If you consider yourself an aged man, lets say at least over 40 y.o then I think taking moderate doses of human growth hormones would make you feeling beter and younger, it really helps and you can easily obtain a HGH prescription if you go to your doctor. This and the case when ou have a disease I think are the only reasons you can go through a hormonal therapy.
In the case you are a bodybuilder and you are going to use HGH to burn some fat and gain muscle then i can understand this the same as I can understand anabolic steroids usage but in this case i want to prevent HGH usage if you are a young bodybuilder, let say under 30 y.o.I know you have heard a lot about benefits of Human Growth Hormone but trust me you really don't need it at such a young age, your body produces it enough and if you train good and eat enough then you will achieve your goal without additional injections of HGH, put aside some money HGH cycles are rather expensive, they will be more stressful when you'll be 30 and will have a family.
What are the effects of Human Growth Hormone, Benefits and Drawbacks (Side Effects) ?
As mentioned above, you've heard that Human Growth Hormone usage has lots of benefits, of course when using it correctly. The most important benefit i think is HGH effect. It really makes you feeling young and healthy, raises your libido, strength, burns some fat and builds up some lean muscles. You can wake up early and don't feel so tired. It has and anti-aging effect, helps preventing muscle atrophy in aged people, it even has a benefic effect on the skin. A powerful benefit could be also considered moderate to none side effects noticed on a moderate usage of Human Growth Hormone. I would underline on the word "notice" because some of the side effects may be not felt but ou never know what happens inside yourself and the word "moderate", cuz any abuse will turn into more pronounced side effects manifestation.Anyway HGH is considered less offensive than steroids, at least the side effects are not so severe and not so immediate as of steroids usage.You should always remember that any hormone therapy surpresses your natural production of the injected hormone and this is the main side effect of any steroid or HGH cycle.
The long term usage and HGH abuse side effects can lead to diabetes, hypertension, heart problems.Also you should take in consideration that Human growth hormone affects not only the muscles, the growth also manifests in bones, and cartilages which can cause pain and deformations so please don;t abuse and don't this with some light joint pain noticed in some HGH used, they relief after several weeks of usage.
As a conclusion you should remember that HGH does really have side effects, but they are dose dependent.

And now after you know what is Human Growth Hormone, what are the benefits, drawbacks and side effects you will probably ask "How should i use that mysterious Human Growth Hormone?"
In order HGH is available in 2 forms: Human Growth Hormone Injections - sets for injections, containing bottled powder with bacteriostatic water to disolve it andHuman Growth Hormone TabletsI can't tell you much about oral human growth hormone and to be sincere I haven't even seen positive feedback from oral hgh users and i simply don't trust those tubs so i wil speak about injectable Growth Hormone Usage.
So lets begin with the dosage. As mentioned above there are 2 domains of HGH usage : fat burn and both - fat burn with muscle growth. If your goal is to burn fat or anti-aging therapy then your dosage should be 2-3 IUs per day, taken every day. If you aim to gain muscle and burn fat then take 4-5 Ius per day. The average HGH cycle length is 20-30 weeks and it is recommended to split the dosage in 2 parts and take one in the early morning and another one in the early afternoon.The pituitary gland normally produces 6-9 pulses of Growth hormone per day, so any dose taken will create a negative feedback loop that will suppress the emition for about 4 hours. By splitting the daily dosage in 2 parts will still allow your pituitary to release its biggest release, which normally occurs shortly after going to sleep at night.
Now when it's clear when and how much Growth hormone is needed you would probably want to know how to mix the powder with bacteriostatic water and how much bacteriostatic water would be needed.
One think you should remember regarding mixing Human Growth Hormone with bacteriostatic water is that all peptides are very fragile and sensible to light, heat and shock, so be careful, do not water make sure you just let it trickle down the side of the vial and not have a stream directly hit it. Also make sure direct sunlight is not affecting the already-mixed powder, keep it in the fridge if you don't inject all the mixed solution.We often meet questions regarding dosage calculations during mixing.Well it's much more simple than you think, most of human growth hormone powders are being bottled in vials with 8 and 10 IUs each. That means that no matter how much water you put you will have 8 or 10 ius, but I would recommend you measuring the amount of water you use to mix it as this way it would be easier to calculate the dosage you intake.So if you put 1 ml(cc) in a vial with 8 IUs of powder you will have 8iu/ml and if you need 2 iu then you should draw 0.25 ml(cc) (already mixed powder)If you add 2ml (cc) of water for 8 ius of powder then you will have a concentration of 4iu/ml, so if you need to inject 2 ius then you will have to draw 0.5 ml(cc) of mixed solution.

If you've got those insulin syringes with IUs measurement on them then consider 1 ml of water equal to 100iu, here is the maths:1ml = 100 IU's
If adding 1ml of bac water

100 IU (amount of dilutent) / 8 IU (amount of HGH) = 12.5 for each IU of HGH

If adding 2mls BW:

200 IU / 8 IU = 25 for each IU of HGH

Human growth hormone injections are being done subcutaneous, preferable in abdominal area.
I would also recommend you to store all your gh in the fridge, it si not so sensible if not mixed, but it is rather pricey, so lets not play with the money. Also you should ask your source about the delivery time most of sold human growth hormone is 191 amin chain of 95% purity and it could be stored at room temperature for not longer than 20 days. Also don't doubt if your source doesn't supply water for HGH mixing, it's not a problem to find it in the nearest drug store, it costs nothing.Good luck.

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